My name is Mark Rahill. I live in central Vermont with Kendall and our dog Ada. I’ve studied Mosses, Lichens and Liverworts  in my spare time for over 50 years.

I grew up in Pennsylvania but soon retreated northward to the backwoods of Vermont in the early 1970s. While working on a farm in Albany, VT I developed a deep connection to nature and decided to pursue a degree in Botany and Entomology at the University of Vermont.

I’ve studied Mosses with Howard Crum, Jerry Jenkins, Norton Miller, Bruce Allen ,Bill Buck, Nancy Slack and Sue Williams.

I’ve studied Lichens with Charles Racine, Irwin Brodo , Richard Harris and Frances Anderson, Don Flenniken, and Jean Gagnon.

Since I was 15 and was given a 10X hand lens,  I’ve been fascinated by these groups, and have tried to learn their taxonomy and ecology.

Most of my time is taken up by my custom woodworking business.( but I continue to get out in the woods whenever possible and keep taking Macro-photographs.. and keep learning .

I’ve done Inventory Contracts for the Nature Conservancy and  Identification Contracts for the Vermont State Heritage Botanists , the Pringle Herbarium , and the New England Botanical Club.   I’ve taught about 20, Day-long Workshops on Introduction to Lichens or Introduction to Bryophytes.

I would like to thank Bob Klips and my son John Rahill for helping me get the site put together.

Thank you for stopping by to have a look .  I’d appreciate you letting me know of any errors that you find.